What I Think About Slavery

The first slaves in America were Indians, but you don’t hear about those.  The next group of slaves were criminals – but were they really? History tells us that many of those good ole white slaves were stolen off the streets of Europe and shipped to America just to be slaves.  Historical records show that the Irish really were stolen off of the streets and sent to America to be slaves. Legend goes that Africans were stolen and shipped here by other Africans to be sold into slavery.  All of these people were shipped here from somewhere else and it wasn’t a fucking cruise ship, many people died on the trip; now the first question I have to ask is WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO THESE PEOPLE IF THE AMERICANS HAD REFUSED TO TAKE THEM? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, THEY WOULD HAVE DIED.  So maybe the slaves who had sense were grateful to be bought but we will never know because that was a long long long time ago.

No one in this day and age was ever owned by an individual or family, only by the government – this includes all races that were born in this country. So suck it up buttercups, we are all slaves and none of us are responsible for previous slavery.


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