Gary Clinton Paul Greer May 16, 1972 – August 22, 2006

Today we are remembering the life and death of one of the Greatest Men this world will ever know.  You won’t see his picture in history books, there are no statues built in his honor, and your average person will not know his name, but he was a great man just the same.  His picture is prominently displayed in the homes of many people he wasn’t related to, and some bare tattoos in his honor.

He was talented, hard working, loving, and gentle. He was also hard headed, and strong. He never hesitated to help or defend.  He knew the difference between right and wrong and wouldn’t hesitate to tell you if you were doing either.  He had a soft spot for Prisoners of War, and was often in the center of political debates. He inspired loyalty and saved marriages. He was many things to many people………………….

This is just one of the fond remembrances shared but pretty much says it all:

With laborers’ hands,a jokers’ smile,a scientists’ brain, and a heart touched by Midas,we will truly miss you,Clint.I wish you were here beside us!Love,Brandy,Ethan,Joseph,Ireland

He was a constant figure in our home and our hearts, he was a brother, a friend, and a son all rolled into one. He was a great role model for the young people.

He is fondly remembered and will never be forgotten.


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